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My heart gave a little jump when the phone rang, here it was, 9:30 at night and I was waiting with great anticipation for the call. I'd sent her out just an hour and a half earlier, but it seemed like forever. And now at last, the call. "Hi Honey..." she said, "you want to know what I'm doing right now?". She had that tone of naughty impishness in her voice,. She knew it would turn me on all the more. But backing up for a moment. Becky, my naughty, flirtatious, tease, of a wife and I, have this very open and unusual relationship. She loves to expand her erotic horizons, and I've always encouraged her behavior. .with the provision of course that I either get to hear about or participate in her little erotic adventures. See, as her voyeuristic husband, I love the erotic thrill of watching her with another guy, or even hearing about it in detail later. It's especially a turn on to watch her orally pleasure a new and different hard cock, watching her smile at me with that naughty gleam in her eye. And when she turns on the teasing how turned on she is, how much she's enjoying another guy's cock, how big it is inside her mouth or pussy, that kind of thing. But back to the events of tonight.. It was a few days earlier when we had finalized the plans for this Friday evening. A visiting businessman and his partner were to be in town..and had promised to show her a good time at the Oasis club, picking her up in a Limo and the whole thing. She made me pick out her outfit for this evening of dining, dancing, and sexual adventure. I'd settled on a short white, halterdress that she of course wears with no bra. Shows off her tan, her sexy legs, her petite figure, her braless aroused nipples poking at the soft fabric. Never one to disappoint, she started off with the nasty tease sluttiness while she was putting on her dress and getting ready. Showing me the lacy french cut Victoria Secret panties she decided to wear. Telling me how she didn't expect these sexy panties to stay on too long! How she'd probably go through most of the evening with nothing at all on under her minidress..dancing with her two friends. and I had my hands all over her, my hard on growing, having a tough time with the thought of the hours long "wait" until I'd be inside her. And then she breaks the kiss and looks me right in the eye and says "Just think honey, in a few minutes these lips of mine that you were just kissing will be wrapped around some strangers hard dick, in the back of that Limo. Instead of your hands all over me, it will be Johnathan and David rubbing my breasts, sucking my nipples, making me totally wet. " If this didn't immediately add to the stiff urgency of my hard on, than nothing ever could. And it was only a few more minutes when the Limo arrived. Just before Becky left my arms to head out the door, she lifted her minidress, put my hand on her damp mound, pulled the panties to the side and put my finger inside her. Totally dripping wet already! And she whispered, "See how turned on I am thinking about what I'll be doing tonight baby?" Ahh yes. And then as she was trotting out the door, that last nasty glance my way, over her shoulder, a little toss of her dark hair, and the parting comment. "You keep thinking about what I'll be doing tonight, I'll call you, and don't worry, When I come back I'll have full loads of cum in my belly and in my pussy, I hope you'll be ready to eat me baby" and with that she went. Damn if that didn't make my bulge ready to burst at any second. There's just no way to explain what a turn on it is when she acts like nasty, wayward, slut. Especially when she plays up the tease role like this, flagrantly flaunting her unbridled sexuality and letting me know that she intends to rub it in. Sounds twisted maybe, but what a turn on.. And now..finally..after the long anxious wait, the phone rang at last. "Hi honey it's me, want to know what I'm doing right now"? You BET I wanted to know exactly what she was doing! And told her so. "Well, we're back in the Limo, on the way to the Marriot, I have David and Jonathan on either side of me and...ohhh yessss that feels...oh Honey, they have my halterdress untied and it's around my waist right now know what I have in my hand they're sucking my breasts right now and I have David's fingers inside me and.....listen I'll have to call you back later, kind of busy right now..and in a second I won't be able to talk anyway because it's hard to talk with my mouth full..bye honey." (click) Well, instant raging hard on again needless to say. I could just imagine what was happening. I know how erotic Becky is, how totally sexual with her oral talents, the way she looks up at a guy when she is oh so S L O W L Y taking his manhood deep into her mouth, the way she swirls her tongue around the head of the hardened cock she is savoring..the way she moans and gets soaking wet at the attention of a guy she hardly knows because the newness and excitement of playing the "slut" role to the hilt.So again I had a long impatient wait...and I was trying not to play with myself because I wanted to save it for later when she got home, but the thought of what these two guy's were doing to her.... So, 11:00 rolled around and the phone rings again. "Hi honey, these guy's are great, I wish you could be here to see everything we're doing, but since you can't we'll just leave the phone line open and you can listen in..." (Nasty). Becky really knows how to push my buttons. She loves me completely, but really gets off on the slightly demeaning aspects of playing into my jealousy fantasies by doing the slut tease thing to the hilt. Here I am on the phone, dick in hand, and she's saying things like.. "Oh baby, his cock is SO big, a lot bigger than yours, it's so nice to have a BIG cock for a change. I can't wait until he explodes his hot cum load all over my face, you want me to have hot cum all over my face baby?" She goes on and on like this. Describing what it's like to have them both inside her, describing the sensations, telling me how hard her nipples are, how wet she is, how strongly she shuddered in orgasm from the attentions of these two lucky bastards. At one point she had David hold the phone right next to her face while she was sucking Jonathan's cock so that I'd hear the slurping sucking sounds and her unique little oral groans and moans she makes while doing it. (She loves to suck cock). And the things I'd hear her saying in the "Yes, pull that hard thing out of me and fuck my mouth baby, oh yes, suck my nipples while He does me Jon I want you both to fill me, I want to feel you in me.." Some of what she was saying I just know she was doing for my benefit. Like when she'd stop the moaning and groaning for a minute and the slurping noises would stop and then I'd hear something like "FILL my mouth with that load, yes, blast that hot cum all over my face, cover me in that hot juice" and afterward she'd be back on the phone to me with "Oh honey, you should see how hard he came in my mouth and all over my face, I feel like I'm covered in dripping cum, if you were here I'd make you lick it off of me " (Something she has done in the past but then that's another story). We spent a almost an hour like that, me listening on the phone with my cock in hand, (came once but had an immediate hard on again at the sounds of Becky entertaining a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth at the same time). After she had been thoroughly ravished, and had several orgasms, she finally got back on the phone to me. "Well honey, I'm ready to come home and let you have me now, of course I'm so stretched out by these big cocks that I'll hardly feel you inside me...but that's OK because I'll make you eat my cum filled pussy first until I cum one more time before I let you inside me". And sure enough, when she got home, she DID demand that I eat her..after a long slow tongue kiss which tasted unmistakably of someone else's cum..which manifested itself in other little ways like the traces still sticky in her hair, and drying on her face & neck. She DID have SUCH a deliciously nasty taste when I was down between her legs, her freshly fucked pussy still swollen open and ready, another man's cum leaking out while she urged me on to lick and suck her to climax. I was surprised how hard she came after the three orgasms she'd already had that night. She truly gets off on this. And even though she didn't cum when I finally got my hard dick inside her, I could tell she was loving it...feeling me swell larger than my usual size while she described everything she had done in the Limo, at the nightclub, in the elevator. What a hot little minx Becky is, I'm a lucky guy to have her coming home to me, after her exploits. Now I have to decide whether to give my blessing to the major circle suck/gang bang she wants to experience on her birthday. 12 guy's she says, she wants an even dozen hard cocks vying for the attention of her mouth and pussy. Wants at least twenty loads of cum she says. Hmmmm, should I tell her to go for it? Maybe another story to tell, until then



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