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Gang bang Kathy arrived at the Hamilton Hotel, already dressed in her little schoolgirl outfit. She got some curious looks from people in the lobby, but she really didn't care. After ducking into the restroom briefly to fix up her hair, she quickly made her way to Room 107. She knocked on the door, and a man was quick to answer it. "Hi, I'm Kathy," she said shyly, and the door opened with a smile. "Hi, Kathy. Wow! I'm Brian... Come on in!" Kathy walked into the room as Brian closed the door and bolted it. "Hey, Mike!" he called into the bathroom. "You've got to see this girl!" Kathy blushed as Mike walked into the room. "Holy shit..." Mike muttered. The two men gawked over sweet young Kathy, dressed in her little schoolgirl outfit. Kathy wore a crisp, long-sleeved white blouse, with a red/black/yellow plaid necktie. Her torso was caressed by a matching buttoned-down red/black/yellow plaid vest, which fitsnugly, accentuating her firm teenaged breasts and flat tummy. Kathy's skirt was made from the same plaid fabric, layered in tiny knife-pleats, riding high on her lovely thin thighs. Her white cable-knit kneesocks and black-and-white saddle shoes completed her sweet outfit nicely. Kathy's lips shined with her red lipstick, and her hair was swept to the sides in two ponytails, with bangs draping across her forehead. She enjoyed playing the part of an innocent little girl, and she swayed from side to side slightly, like a nervous youngster. "Do you like my outfit?" she asked, then spun around for the guys. Her flimsy, lightweight skirt flared out its pleats and gave the horny men a fleeting glimpse of sweet white cotton panties. "Shit, yes!" Brian blurted. "What did you guys want me here for, anyway?" she asked, teasingly. Mike smiled at her, then stepped up to her. He patted her ass lightly through her little pleated skirt. "It all depends," answered Mike. Are you a good little girl, or a naughty girl?" "Well, most of the time, I'm good, but when I'm naughty, I'm even better..." Kathy replied, with the wink of an eye. "Well, now, my little sweetheart," Mike answered, "let's see just what a naughty little schoolgirl you are..." The radio in the room was playing a very sensuous song, and Kathy decided to use it to enhance her teen charms. She sat in a chair across from the bed. The men sat on the bed, watching her intently. Kathy put a saddle shoe up on an armrest, and cocked the other leg wide to the other side. Her little school skirt draped down across the gap between her legs. Mike and Brian were mesmerized. Kathy was simply delightful in her little uniform. As they watched, Kathy slowly slid her plaid pleated skirt up over her tight white panties, showing them her lovely panty-covered crotch. Kathy loved every minute of this. She slowly slid a finger in through the legband of her panties, probing her wetness, moaning softly to add to the effect. She could see their jeans begin to bulge ominously. Kathy continued to finger herself, her fingers moving in and out of her teen cunt under the panties, her knuckles stretching out the fabric. Her other hand slowly unbuttoned her vest and began massaging her breasts through her soft white blouse. "Would you guys like to see my little pussy?" she asked. "Oh, yeah..." they both muttered, horny as hell. Kathy hooked a finger around a legband and pulled the fabric to the side, exposing her almost-hairless treasure. The soft curls of pussy hair were glistening with her moisture, and the sight of it, coupled with the school uniform and her provocative pose, were enough to almost make the guys come in their pants right then and there. "God, I could cum right now!" gasped Brian. "Oh, no, don't do that right now," said Kathy. "You've got to fuck me, first! Let's see those cocks..." The men quickly stripped before her. In seconds, their clothes were thrown aside, with both men standing before her, their pricks hard and lewdly wobbling in worship to the young princess. The men pulled her up from the chair and brought her to the bed. "Hey, Brian, why don't you let her suck you while I eat her pussy?" Mike suggested. "Great idea!" Brian quickly agreed. He lied on the bed, his head propped up on a pillow. Mike reached up under Kathy's flimsy little skirt and thumbed her panties down, tugging them over her precious ass cheeks, till they fell to the floor. Kathy tossed her vest to the floor. She crawled onto the bed, slowly moving her way up between Brian's legs to his waiting seven-inch schlong. As she gripped Brian's warm, hard cock in one hand, she felt her little skirt pulled up high on the back of her ass, high in the air as she knelt on the bed, and the wonderful sensation of a man's tongue on her pussy lips. She knew she was going to really enjoy this night...



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